A Note of Appreciation to the Advocacy Institute

"Gabrielle and Tyshiana learned so much through this program, and became so much more aware of their community and their environment."

A letter from a parent of a participant in the Advocacy Institute:

"I just wanted to take a few minutes from my day to send off this note of appreciation to you and all of those that worked tirelessly within the Advocacy Institute.

"My 17 year old daughter, Gabrielle Reed, and her 16 year old best friend Tyshiana Carter were both accepted to participate in this very worthwhile program.  Just to see them both sit up all night on the Friday night before the program, excitedly discussing the activities of the next day, and then to see them both get up bright and early in the morning on a Saturday to take public transportation to the program was a miracle and indeed a blessing!  This told me that this was a wonderful positive experience and I was so very pleased that you thought of inviting Gabrielle to participate.

"Gabrielle and Tyshiana learned so much through this program, and became so much more aware of their community and their environment.  Gabrielle was still attending school during her participation in the advocacy program and was learning about protesting and getting your 'voice' heard.  She was so moved that she ended up staying after school one day (without the knowledge of her parents and guardians!) to participate in the protest against the Philadelphia School Board and their proposed school closings.

"Gabrielle and Tyshiana miss their time in the Advocacy Institute and they still fondly talk about the friends that they made and the instructors that they became attached to.  They both hope that they are offered the same opportunity next season and are lucky enough to be accepted.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation. There are so little positive experiences and programs out there now to expose our children to positive and important issues and this is a wonderful opportunity and experience that I would like to see repeated again next year and years to come.

"Thank you once again and God bless!"

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