Advocacy Institute


Participants demonstrate increases in knowledge about:

  • Comprehensive nature of health
  • Health disparities
  • Social determinants of health
  • Socio-ecological model

Advcocacy Institute "A Look Back"

The Advocacy Institute is designed to empower and engage participants for sustainable community change. This video shows the third cohort’s path to becoming leaders and advocates. A little bumpy at times but definitely exciting and inspiring for all involved.





The Advocacy Institute is a training program designed to empower participants and community stakeholders to create sustainable change. Through a five-phase framework that builds from the diffusion of innovation and empowerment theories, we teach participants the "how-to" of making public health policy that responds to community needs.

The curriculum blends classroom learning with observation and application of lessons in the community. Through the Institute, participants learn about health concepts and the issues that impact health, as well as the policy-development and legislative process. Armed with this knowledge, participants have the opportunity to apply lessons by developing and implementing a project that addresses a health issue that is important in their community.


  • Caring People Alliance
  • Philadelphia Recreation Centers
  • Faith-based Institutions
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH)
  • Local legislators
  • Philadelphia Public School District Philadelphia
  • Charter Schools
  • Local community-based organizations

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A Note of Appreciation to the Advocacy Institute

A letter from a parent of a participant in the Advocacy Institute:

"I just wanted to take a few minutes from my day to send off this note of appreciation to you and all of those that worked tirelessly within the Advocacy Institute.

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