HPC recognizes the critical role men play in the success of the community. Men’s health and wellness is vital in maintaining community balance. Health disparities amongst men are striking and apparent in life expectancy, death rates, and other measures of health status and risk conditions and behaviors.

The three leading causes of death for men are heart disease, cancer, and accidents (unintentional injuries). HPC has a history of serving men in targeted communities where health-related issues impact community balance more significantly. African American men suffer disproportionately higher mortality rates than their female and Caucasian male counterparts for almost every disease. For example, the heart disease death rate for African American males is is twice that of their male Caucasian peers. Simply being African American is a risk factor for prostate cancer, and African American men with prostate cancer are nearly 2.5 times more likely to die from it than their Caucasian counterparts.  

Research notes that there are many contributing factors for these disturbing health outcomes, ranging from macro-level (socio-ecological) to micro-level factors (individual health beliefs/behaviors). The good news is that more and more attention is being given to gender-specific health care. The less positive news is that much more attention is needed to scratch the surface in understanding the complexities of African American men’s health. 

For almost a decade, HPC has worked within the community to improve men’s health.



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